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Our Video Production Services projects range from promotional videos for marketing, training, educational, and trade show programs, to documentaries, video newsmagazines, television commercials, interactive, recruitment, and promotional programs.

Our services include pre-production (project management (storyboarding), design and scripting), production (directing, camerawork, sound, etc.), postproduction (digital video editing, graphics/3D creation), and authoring (interactive DVD or CD-ROM production and video compression for DVD, CD, or Web).


Every project begins with planning. We help you formulate your proposed project by asking a multitude of questions at first meeting. We then develop and submit for your approval a Proposal where the scope of the production, budget, preliminary approach, and timeline are specified. Once approved, the storyboard process can begin, which includes scripting and identifying other details about the production. The next step is to arrange a shooting schedule and do whatever is necessary to get the shoot under way.


We use the best equipment and latest technology available for your shoot. Our HD Sony XD cameras insure that we capture video of the highest quality. Multiple cameras can be used to greatly enhance the quality of your project. We pay special attention to lighting and sound, producing a professional result for your important project.


For Digital Video Productions post production is critical part delivering a high quality product. Our full non-linear editing software allows us to merge the video from your shoot with any other types of media that is required. This can include still photography, other video clips (for a picture in picture) and can even include animated 3D graphics (produced with our award-winning 3D Software).


In todays technological world, there are many forms of delivery for video projects. These include DVD, Internet Video, Interactive Video, and others. We are more than happy to consult with you to help you determine the best types of media for your needs.

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